Aseismatic Beam-column Joints with Reinforced Firmness

Steel structure's aseismatic beam-column joints with reinforced ductility use elongated ribbed plate to reduce the concentrated stress on the joint. This effectively improves traditional steel structure often having breaks inside beam-column joint by earthquake, elevating structure's safety. This device has been confirmed by digital analysis and tests to truly have superior ductility and can endow constructions with aseismatic qualities.

Design Concept

  • Displaces maximum stress at joint to the curved section end of ribbed plate.
  • The curved section end of ribbed plate allows smooth transmission of stress.
  • Ribbed plate's elongated section reduces stress concentration.


  • Improves constructions' ductility and aseismatic capability.
  • During earthquake, prevents damage within beam-column joint, easy repair and maintenance, able to elevate structure's safety.
  • Sinotech Inc. has developed specialty applications capable of reading SAP2000 and ETABS data, automatic classification, and filtering the beam locations where elongated ribbed plate is required, confirming beam and column strength, and helping designer to quickly estimate the size and number of elongated ribbed plates required in a construction.


Ms. Chen