Ms. Cherry Chu
To nurture and encourage university and graduate students, Sinotech Inc. has had the Sinotech Engineering Research Scholarship since 1973, opening to applications from Taiwanese universities and graduate schools. Over 3,400 applications have been received throughout the years.
To meet society's demand, Sinotech Inc. has revised the scholarship spots in 2004, 2007, 2009, and 2014. The current version is 29 current master's program students. Financial aid for Ph.D. students is now provided by the Sinotech Foundation.
In addition, to award and assist outstanding students with financial constraints, Sinotech Inc. has added scholarship for such students. Students from Taiwan's civil engineering, water resources, geology, and environmental engineering university departments may apply for the 10 available spots. In 2008, the spots were increased to 12. In 2009, the spots were again increased to 16; in 2011, 36. In 2014, the scholarship was renamed to the Diligence Scholarship. Because there are more qualified and worthy applicants, without drastically increasing the total scholarship amount, class A scholarship spots were reduced, and class B scholarship spots were increased.
If you are an undergraduate or master's civil engineering, water resources, geology, or environmental engineering student, and would like to understand how to apply for Sinotech Inc's scholarship, please contact us or your department office.