Sinotech Inc.'s operating principles are Honesty , innovation , quality , and service .

Honesty:Sinotech Inc. complies with all laws and forges a brand of integrity with honest, transparency. When selecting talents, Sinotech Inc. always puts character and ability first, doing our best for our clients and pursuing the sustainable development of Sinotech Engineering Group.
Innovation:Sinotech Inc. strives in R&D of high-end practical engineering technologies, provides competitive products and services, creates an innovative enterprise culture, and elevates Taiwan's technical expertise.
Quality:Sinotech Inc. strives in pursuit of high-quality work of differentiation, in order to provide high-end technology, highly practical services for our clients, and high efficiency, to ensure the schedule and quality of our deliveries on time and as promised.
Service:Sinotech Inc. places great importance on our clients, providing professional technical service with high technical threshold, great market potential, and strong public interests, while actively assisting Sinotech Engineering Group in developing and upgrading technology in related businesses.