1. Mission and Objectives     2. The 1994 Restructuring     3. Growing up together with Taiwan's Economy
4. Moving toward the new Milestone – Completion of the New R&D Building and New Image    
5. New Opportunities – Developing High-end Business , Assisting Companies Exploring Private Sector and Oversea Businesses

1. Mission and Objectives

Sinotech Engineering Consultants Inc. (Sinotech Inc.) was founded in 1970 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing engineering consulting services. These services included the study, planning, reconnaissance, design, inspection, testing, and construction supervision in the fields of:
  • water resources
  • electrical power
  • environmental, urban, agricultural, and industrial development
  • transportation and civil engineering
  • electrical and mechanical engineering.
In 1973, the firm started working on overseas assignments throughout Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, and Central and South America. Sinotech Inc. continued to build its reputation for its worldwide services. For 12 consecutive years it was rated among the TOP 200 International Design Firms in the world by Engineering News-Record, a U.S. based engineering magazine.
In the first 25 years after it was established, Sinotech Inc. successfully completed over 2000 major domestic projects and over 100 overseas assignments.
Sinotech Inc., in compliance with the government's objective in founding our firm to upgrade the level of technology in Taiwan, allocates its surplus funds to:
  • an engineering research fund for carrying out research and development work
  • scholarships for outstanding college students to help cultivate engineering talent

2. The 1994 Restructuring

Sinotech Inc. transferred its engineering consulting businesses and personnel to the then newly established Sinotech Ltd. After the restructuring, Sinotech Ltd. only specializes in engineering consulting businesses; Sinotech Inc. was designed to be an engineering technology research institution, responsible for the R&D of engineering related technologies, professional training, and technical service, etc.
Since then, Sinotech Inc. becomes an institution providing technical services with emphasis on engineering research. It has devoted itself exclusively to engineering R&D, personnel training and technical consultation in the fields of hydraulics, electrical power, civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering.
Sinotech Inc. received its ISO 9001 (2000) certification for its Quality Management System from BVQI in May, 2001. Sinotech Inc. has been recognized as excellent civil engineering research institution by National Science Council (predecessor of Ministry of Science and. Technology) 3 times since 2003, the only such honored organization in Taiwan. Recently, Sinotech Inc. re-adjusted its goals to technical development, professional training, and technical service. Its development is as a technical service agency based on engineering research, with the operating principles Honesty, innovation, quality, and service.
Sinotech Ltd.'s scope includes environmental engineering and remediation, transportation construction, industrial construction, architecture as well as urban and rural development, water resource development and operation, electrical power development, hazard prevention technology, geotechnical engineering, mechanical/electric/system, and industrial park development, etc. So far over 4,500 projects have been completed in 14 countries.

3. Growing up together with Taiwan's Economy

Sinotech Inc. and Sinotech Ltd. have assisted Taiwanese government agencies and private sectors in promoting Taiwan's various economic projects, such as Tsengwen Reservoir, Techi Reservoir, Ronghua Dam, Feitsui Reservoir, Liyutan Reservoir, Baoshan II Reservoir, CSBC Kaohsiung shipyard, CSC Kaohsiung Steel Mill, Taichung Power Plant, 3rd Nuclear Power Plant, Hydropower plants along Dajia River, Mugua River and Xindian Creek, National Theater and Concert Hall, TWTC International Trade Building and Exhibition Hall, etc., Hsinchu Science Park, Yunlin Offshore Industrial Park, Changhua Coastal industrial Park and China Airlines Park.
Sinotech Inc. and Sinotech Ltd. also have been participating in major domestic transportation projects for many years, including National Freeway No.3, No.5 & No.6, Taipei-Iland Expressway, Taiwan HSR Zuoyin Station, Taipei MRT, Kaohsiung MRT and stations, and airports, etc. Sinotech Inc. and Sinotech Ltd. also have been involved in environmental protection, remediation for very long time, including Fudekeng & Shanhzuku Sanitary Landfill, Neihu & Muzha Refuse Incineration Plant, Keelung River Flood Control and Love River Reclamation. For detailed achievements, please see the history of achievements.

4. Moving toward the new Milestone – Completion of the New R&D Building and New Image

To remedy the condition where research centers, laboratories, and administrative departments scattering in different places, Sinotech Inc. began constructing the Sinotech Engineering Research Building (SER Building) in July 2011 in Neihu, Taipei.
SER Building was planned, designed, and supervised by Sinotech Ltd. and constructed by Chien Kuo Construction Co. Under the direction of former Chairmen Dr. Tsai, Hsun-hsiung and Mr. Cho, Shih-chao, the building was completed in July 2013.
SER Building is a 7-story above ground, 3-story underground, steel-framed RC structure. Its total floor area is 15,286m2, and the design and construction adopted many Sinotech's own R&D achievements, such as High Volume Fly Ash Concrete(HVFAC), Strengthened type Seismic-Resistance Steel Beam-to-Column Moment Connection, Fluid Viscous Dampers, ambient vibration measurement before occupancy, application of seismic monitoring to analyze safety of structure system, sustainable material and waste management, BA/CA/OA intelligent environment, Facility Management Web-based Information System and native and adapted plants in rainwater garden. BIM module, solar light collecting and channeling lighting system, and water recycling system, etc. are also used. The novel design concept has won 7 awards and certificates in Taiwan and from abroad, including:
  • Chinese Institute of Civil & Hydraulic Engineering's BIM Excellent Award Winner (2011)
  • Taiwan Project Management Best Practices Competition Honorable Mention (2012)
  • Chinese Society of Structural Engineers Architecture Structural Gold Award (2013)
  • Ministry of Interior Green Building Labeling System Diamond Certification (2013)
  • Taiwan Concrete Institute Excellence Award (2014)
  • U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold Certification (2014)
  • Ministry of Interior Intelligent Building Labeling System Silver Certification(2014)
SER Building is a smart building that integrates energy-saving and carbon-reduction, seismic safety, and electronics. It allows Sinotech Inc. personnel to work at one location, aiding in improving operation, communication, and management to forge a new enterprise image.

5. New Opportunities – Developing High-end Business , Exploring Private Sector and Oversea Businesses

Sinotech Inc. aims to become Taiwan's top and regionally leading engineering R&D and technical service institution on par with international progress. The core businesses include civil and hydraulic engineering, sustainable and environmental engineering, and energy (certain developments are conducted in concert with Sinotech Ltd.), etc. All of our staff strive to provide professional technical services with high technical threshold, high market potential, and high public interests.
To accomplish this mission, Sinotech Inc. currently is actively developing innovative and high-end business, including energy resource related geo-technology, groundwater pollution survey and remediation, water pollution control technology, natural hazard risk management, railway transportation operation management, and structural seismic-resistance technologies, etc.
Sinotech Inc. introduces new technologies from advanced countries and explores new markets for these R&D outcomes. Via supporting the group, exporting technologies, training professionals, and serving public, Sinotech Inc. actively assists Sinotech Ltd. and other Taiwanese engineering related companies developing oversea businesses, working in concert with Sinotech Ltd. exploring business opportunities, government policies, and national economic development. Sinotech Inc. has undertaken staff education and training as well as designing training and education courses for outside in order to train international engineering business professionals and promote Taiwan's engineering experiences.
Sinotech Inc. shall continue to serve as a bridge among government, international development banks, and engineering industry, and continue to pass down practical engineering experiences to serve the public.