Sinotech Inc. is a non-for-profit organization under MOEA, where the chairperson supervises operation and management on behalf of the board, and the president is in charge of managing operation.
Sinotech Inc. was created as a practical engineering technology research institution with 5 research centers (Civil, Hydraulic Engineering, and Railway Transportation, Geotechnical Engineering, Disaster Prevention Technology, and Environmental Engineering, and Anti-Seismic and Vibration Control Technology Research Center) and 3 certified laboratories (Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Testing and Mechanical Laboratory for Vibration), 1 technical support department(Planning and Extension), as well as 2 administrative departments (Administration, Finance and Accounting).
Sinotech Inc. has very advanced and experienced R&D and technical professionals. Among them, nearly 90% researchers have master's or Ph.D. degrees from prestigious universities in Taiwan or abroad. In addition to striving to develop practical engineering technologies, we also use these technologies to assist government and privates in promoting various projects.