Sinotech Inc. Celebrating Its 48th Anniversary with Retired Former Staff Marching on “the Sinotech

Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc. (Sinotech) celebrated its 48th anniversary on April 19th (2018) this year. The 48th Anniversary Celebration and Award Ceremony were hosted at the Sinotech R&D Building (No. 280, Xinhu Second Road, Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan). At the ceremony, a total of more than 200 attendees including Sinotech employees, directors, and retired former colleagues as well as former directors participated in the celebration.

Since its founding, Sinotech has grown into a 14-member conglomerate, known as the Sinotech Engineering Group. After restructuring into an engineering and technology research institution in March 1983, the agency has been cooperating with government policies to invest in high-end, visionary R&D applications with public interest, and promoted green energy and sustainable environment, urban disaster prevention, railway operation management, and reinforcing seismic resistant building structure in Taiwan to provide a complete solution and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. In order to maximize the Group's potential synergy, its subsidiaries have separated and specialize in their own professional markets yet work together to create a group supply chain. The results are obvious. In recent years, apart from sticking to its core business, the Sinotech Group has been actively breaking through the dilemma of domestic market saturation and plays an important role in Taiwanese government’s new Southbound Policy initiative.

Sinotech’s R&D achievements over the years have been fruitful and widely used, and it is highly trusted amongst government agencies. To recognize the outstanding performance at work, Chairman Tseng presented special awards such as excellent employee awards, outstanding thesis awards, and patent awards at the ceremony, celebrating Sinotech’s history and success. At the same time, to expand participation in the celebration and social gathering as well as make the event more meaningful, Sinotech also arranged for guided tour in the Gold LEED certified smart green building, and had a joined walk with Sinotech’s retiree association from the old Sinotech Building to the new R&D Engineering Research Building, for a total of 3.2 kilometers. Taking the Sinotech Path, we share our most recent achievements and joys of continued growth at Sinotech with retired colleagues.