The New Southbound Engineering Education; Premier Filipino University Visits Sinotech's Green Smart

Faculty members and students, a group of 148, from Civil Engineering Department at Philippines’ University of Santo Tomas visited Sinotech Inc. at its green, smart building today (April 26, 2018) and learned about the daily business operations.

University of Santo Tomas is the oldest university in Asia and has the largest student body in the world. Located in Manila with over 400 years of history, it has graduated several founding fathers to the Philippines, including José Rizal, as well as several presidents. Its contribution to the Philippines is immense and is its premier university.

Sinotech R&D Building was opened in Auguest 2013. Its entire life cycle, from planning, design, construction, and operation, adopts BIM technology. The architecture design received the Gold LEED Certification from U.S. Green Building Council and Taiwan's Diamond EEWH Certification, smart architecture silver certification, as well as passed the smart building standards. The building utilizes Sinotech's R&D achievements throughout the years to reinforce overall seismic resistance. It is also the first case of HVFAC construction in Taiwan. The building has won Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering's BIM Excellence Award, PMI- Taiwan Chapter's Best Practice Honorable Selection, Chinese Society of Structural Engineers' Architecture Structure Gold Award, and Taiwan Concrete Institute's Excellence Award.

Sinotech's Chairman Tseng stated in his welcoming speech, that Sinotech has been developing engineering operations in Southeast Asia for many years. The Philippines has been enjoying robust economic boom in recent years, and is a key market for the Sinotech Group. Sinotech currently has 4 on-going projects in the Philippines. Chairman Tseng expressed warm welcome to Prof. Rodelio A. Tiburcio, the Department Chair, and the 5 professors and fifth-year students in his group.  He also expressed hope that young Filipino engineers can take this opportunity to learn Taiwan’s own excellent engineering designs and concepts, as well as new technologies and products, and that he looks forward to future bilateral exchange and collaboration.