National Taiwan University's College of Engineering and Sinotech, Inc.

In response to government's new Southbound Policy, Sinotech Group has actively integrated its subsidiaries to expand its new Southbound business. To further promote the new Southbound business through talent training and research collaboration, Sinotech's Chairman Sheng-bao Tseng and Dean Wen-Chang Chen of National Taiwan University's College of Engineering completed the signing of an industry-academia collaboration agreement and will be able to create more development opportunities in the Southbound region.

Dean Chen pointed out that many Southeast Asian students have recently applied to study at National Taiwan University. In the future, they will integrate the teaching resources of NTU and jointly develop a program to train qualified personnel. Through the collaboration agreement, students are recommended to perform internships with Sinotech Group, so that they can have hands-on practice and apply what they learned.

Sinotech's Chairman Tseng said that at present, Sinotech Group has six overseas subsidiaries and two offices. There are many related businesses where the new Southbound Policy can provide internship opportunities as well as excellent scholarships for application. After graduating, whether the students choose to return home or work in Taiwan, they are all cultivated seedlings under the new Southbound Policy. In the future, both sides can organize research and development or technical service teams to carry out research or provide professional technical services in engineering through this cooperation agreement. Through synergistic partnership and innovation, the two sides can create win-win scenarios.