New Opportunities in Southeast Asia for Taiwanese Engineering Consultants

In recent years, Taiwan's public infrastructure development has become saturated. Our engineering consulting industry has been contemplating
about how to work in concert with government's new Southward policy and enter the engineering consultancy market in Southeast Asia,
exporting our high-quality engineering know-hows. Sinotech has been developing various natural disaster assessment techniques for over a
decade. Following the collaboration with Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management (ICRM, NTU Singapore) in April 2015 with signing
cooperation memorandum, the engineering consultancy and disaster prevention industries have taken a successful step under the
new Southward policy. Sinotech has signed a contract with NTU Singapore to assist in the implementation of transnational catastrophe
risk data research and development planning. 
Singapore is located in the hub of ASEAN and mainly focuses on international trade. Because natural disaster insurance models in
Southeast Asia still lack high-quality and reliable basic information, it is not possible to estimate the degree of policyholders' indemnity
more accurately and establish model for predicting loss from natural disasters. Therefore, ICRM proposed the Natural Catastrophe Data
Analytics Exchange (NatCatDAX) research project. In addition to obtaining the support from Monetary Authority of Singapore, they also
invited large international insurance companies to participate. Besides the international property and risk analysis consultants, Sinotech
Engineering Consultants is a member of the project implementation team. It is responsible for the construction of a database of
buildings' risk exposure with high-resolution telemetry images, serving as a precedence for Taiwan to participate in transnational disaster insurance research.
Sinotech's participation in the NatCatDAX project not only enhances the application of disaster prevention technologies and international
visibility, but also provides a bridge for Taiwanese property insurers to exchange experience in natural disaster and property insurance with international insurance companies.

This can assist Taiwan's own property insurance market in international integration and interaction, helping to expand the scope of Taiwanese insurance industry in Southeast Asia.