2015 Engineering Design Workshop of the New Generation Coming to a Perfect Conclusion
To help Taiwanese graduate students in civil engineering, water resources, geology, and environmental engineering learn engineering design concepts, and realize Sinotech Group's mission of giving back to society and training professional talents, Sinotech Inc., Sinotech Ltd., and Sinotech Foundation hosted the 2015 New Generation Engineering Design Workshop during August 18~20. A total of 27 students recommended by related departments participated. The workshop emphasized on actualization of new generation engineering design concepts. Projects that Sinotech Group was involved in planning, design, and supervising, such as the Sinotech R&D Building which was ranked as Diamond Class Green Building, Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant which was certified by Taiwan's EPA, the first-of-its-kind rotating restaurant on top of Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant's chimney, Suhua Highway Improvement Project which is the first in Taiwan to have carbon management, and MRT Daan Park Station which is the only MRT station to offer Feast of the Mind, were selected as topics of major engineering constructions with new generation design concept. The chief engineers who had participated in the projects explained and illustrated in the workshop first. They then brought the students to the sites for observation and learning, so they can more deeply understand the integration of engineering design concept and practice. In addition to meeting the project's needs, aesthetics, innovation, ecological conservation, environmental education, carbon reduction/energy conservation, sustainable management, and people participation can be all consolidated, such that engineering is no longer just engineering, but very concrete result with innovative thinking and improvement of people's well-being. To be more effective, the workshop especially arranged for group study presentations. Each group presented to Chairman Shih, President Ou, and President Ou. The students were not only grateful for Sinotech's meticulous education; they also expressed the willingness to join Sinotech Group in the future. Commencement and panel discussion followed the presentations. First, Chairman Shih gave the prizes for Best Presentation Group Award and Best Student Award, and then panel discussion followed. Chairman Shih encouraged students to be grounded, and first be proficient in their own specialty, and then cross to other fields. At the same time, verbal communication skills and problem solving ability must be acquired. The 3-day workshop came to a perfect conclusion after taking the group photos.