Our Team: 1. Water Treatment and Reuse     2. Sustainable Resource Management     3. Environmental Testing Laboratory    

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1. Water Treatment and Reuse


Mr. C.P. Chu
Deputy Director
We have devoted to develop the evaluation technologies on water treatment systems. The relevant scopes include: saving of process water, wastewater treatment, advance water treatment and reclamation, simulation of biokinetics and computational fluid dynamic, greenhouse gas emission reduction. The target is to optimize the performance of water services. In addition, we also provide services on the amendment of law and its related regulations for the public sector in this field.
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2. Sustainable Resource Management


Mr. Y.D. Huang
Our goal is to promote the circular economy, minimize the environmental impacts, and achieve the sustainability. We provide consulting services on contaminated site investigation, risk assessment of human health and ecology, remediation and brownfield revitalization. We also serve on the technical evaluation and decision making on waste reduction and reuse, as well as the planning of a circular economy system.
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3. Environmental Examination Laboratory


Mr. K.E. Hsu
Section Chief
Ms. S.M. Wu
Lab Director
Our laboratory is certified by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA Taiwan) as a qualified environmental testing institute (No. 021). It is equipped with gas chromatograph mass spectrometry (GC/MS), ion chromatograph (IC), inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP/OES), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA) and liquid chromatograph triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. (LC/MS/MS) We provide a variety of testing service for the policy-making and environmental investigation, including groundwater, drinking water, industrial wastewater, soil and waste. We also serve on the development of new method, consultancy of certified environmental laboratory and TPH on-site testing kits.
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