Mr. C.L. Chen
To remember former Sinotech Inc. Chairman Cheng Yu's contribution to engineering, beginning in 2015, Sinotech has made generous donation to Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (CICHE) and set up the Cheng Yu Outstanding Engineering Scholarship. The goal is to encourage CICHE members at least 40 years of age committing to civil engineering, water resources, geotechnical, or environmental engineering, etc., overcoming difficulties, performing with excellence, or leading engineering team with remarkable achievement, or having concrete accomplishments in engineering technical development.


(1) The annual candidates are to be submitted before July 31st; the recommended list and attached information are then compiled by CICHE and submitted to the CICHE Award Committee.,
(2) The Award Committee convenes 7-11 engineering professionals, and the donor may recommend 3-5, forming the Cheng Yu Outstanding Engineering Scholarship assessment team. After the assessment, the result is submitted to the board for approval.
(3) Each year, only 1 person is to be awarded. If no suitable candidate, the award may not be given.
(4) Award details: 1 plaque and NT$100,000.
Please contact CICHE for details.