Our Team: 1. Anti-Seismic Equipment and Monitoring System     2. Vibration Control Technology     

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Anti-Seismic Equipment and Monitoring System


Section Chief
Mr. F.M. Shih
Anti-seismic Equipment and Monitoring System Group engaged in technology of anti-seismic equipment applying on structural engineering. We dedicated to the promotion for the equipment and monitoring system to the application of structures and affiliated facilities. Aiming on several professional subjects such as anti-seismic strategy planning, customized product design, equipment deployment and maintenance, monitor system development, and smart IoT monitoring system integration. We also established an entire range of services to support our customers in diverse areas.

Vibration Control Technology


Section Chief
Mr. T.H. Chiu
Vibration Control Technology Group focused on the core service, vibration control technology, to provide optimization strategies for anti-seismic effectivity. With the progressive technologies in research for anti-seismic and vibration control, we integrated real time monitoring system to verify the vibration modification efficiency. We had the technological know-how in equipment and engineering design to meet our customers’ specific requirements and to deliver on their projects.